Microwaved water kills plants?


I have an interest in growing plants. Mainly food, and particularly the uncontrollable ones, like watermelons and cucumber. Amazingly some plants that have medicinal functions are banned by the government where I live. When your government will throw you in jail for growing a plant, it makes me wonder who is stoned and who is thinking sensibly? If this medicine is not what your local friendly power loving government agent wants you to consume, you should do the opposite. Are they so scared people might have an original thought under its influence? What a con! But that is another blog. This blog tells of my experiment demonstrating the effect of microwaved water on plants.

Any gardener knows the secret to growing plants is that the plants do all the work, and the gardener simply needs to observe them and provide water, weeding, nutrients if the plants are deficient, and make it more difficult for the predators to destroy the crop. But good quality water seems obviously to be a key factor in growing a good crop.

So stories of microwaved water being harmful to plants attracted my interest. There is a link here about a girl's school science project that shows microwaved water could be used as a powerful herbicide: http://execonn.com/sf/. The herbicides that you can buy at the garedning store may not have done as good a job as the microwaved water! This webposting has been picked up by www.rense.com and in a recent book by David Icke.

Another source of information that microwaved water is harmful has to do with pictures of ice crystals at high magnification. At my former work place, I used to visit a lovely lady for a 30 minute massage once a week. She always impressed me with her knowledge of health topics and general concern for healthy living. I figured she was a better person than me as she has disposed of her television set while I still use my TV (even though I despise commercials). My masseuse showed me some of these pictures of ice crystals and the microwaved water ice crystals appeared sinister, deformed and twisted, while the pure water ice crystals were works of art.

Well, I don't have an electron microscope but I can do my own little experiment growing plants using microwaved water and regular boiled water. My other qualifications include watching (on before said evil TV) a Mythbusters show where they played different messages and music to plants in an experiment. The result was that music was better for plants than talking (either loving talk or hateful talk) and that heavy/speed metal was better than classical music. This result pleased me no end as it means my early 20s where not as damaging to my body as others try to tell me, at least when I could still hear them. The conclusion I drew from the Mythbusters experiment was that sound waves seemed to energize plants. My masseuse was gutted by this information when I told her, as she was sure that the classical music would be the superior prescription for plants, and heavy metal would cause them to shrivel up and die.


My experiment is very simple. I boil water in a microwave and on a stove in two identical pyrex containers, and then leave it overnight to cool down. I filled two identical containers with dirt out of the same bag. I then planted 2 pairs of seeds into the containers. These came from the same pea seed packet, or from the same pumpkin. I then planted the seeds and started watering the plants with their designated water whenever the soil began to dry out. Both containers were watered at the same time and the same amount of water delivered to both.

To include all new age angles, I decided that I wanted the microwaved water to not be harmful. This is due to my limited cooking skills and reliance on this handy tool. Perhaps there is a possibility that our thoughts can affect plants. In that case maybe the microwaved water plants would do better, but that result still negates the theory that microwaved water is harmful to plants. I mean, would microwaved water be the equivalent of a herbicide? I had decided I would get rid of my microwave if I got results showing that microwaved water was harmful to plants.

Here is the inital set up at day 0. In all the pictures, the microwaved water container is on the left, the regular water container is on the right.

What has happened so far? I will let the pictures tell the story. Here is day 8.

And day 13.

And day 20.

The white spots in the day 20 picture (maybe hard to see) are white fly who seem to be benefting from my experiment. And the white fly are not showing any preference between the plants in the two containers. The white fly is starting to affect the plants and may mean that the experiment is over, unless something that eats white fly will show up (soon, I hope!)

Conclusion so far

The plants that got the microwaved water germinated quicker and are around 3 days ahead of the plants that got the regular water. Recently the pumpkin plant in the microwaved water container has gotten large enough to start shading the pea plant, but the microwaved water pea plant is still at least 2 days ahead.

Ok, it is a small sample, but I'm convinced. I'm keeping the microwave.

Score: Modern Industry 1, At least two New Agers, hoodwinked.


So is this http://execonn.com/sf/ link deliberate misinformation? It must be! I can see hot water killing plants but they say that they cooled down the microwaved and regular boiled water. They must have added "Round-up", a herbicide, to the microwaved water. I would bet the farm on it. Do they get a certain pleasure from disseminating false information? Or is this part of an official conspiracy like the campaign that marijuana is harmful? Is the government soon going to take away our microwaves, or pass laws that outlaw the watering of microwaved water to plants. I wouldn't be surprised, it makes as much sense as all their other crazy laws. Ok, a bit tongue in check, but it is not impossible if Monsanto or AMA were to get behind i. All the evidence they need is on the internet.

I have no idea what the motives of that "microwaved water is a herbicide" poster were, but what I have concluded from this experiment is that the willingness of people to believe a story is more important than intelligence and good intentions. I'm not sure that I want to see the disappointment in my masseuse's face if she sees these results. And Daivd Icke, don't believe everything you read on the net!


  1. Interesting post and the proof is in the photos. I have to wonder what the effects would be on humans. Would it speed cell growth, and if so, wouldn't that be detrimental since the growth of some cells (like cancer) should be inhibited, not promoted? Lots to think about here. Looking forward to your next post!

  2. Thanx for making more people aware not to believe all the things you read.

    AND: this experiment, where the MW-watered plants got 2 daysahead of the other, DOESNOT mean MW-heated water is better; therefore this sample is way to small to drew conclusions. But it does show that the MW-water is "at least not very bad"
    (which means: it can be "okay" OR just a bit better OR just a bit worse OR no difference at all)
    More experiments are needed if we want to be sure. And than it would be best, if the one who gives the water is "blinded" i.e. doesn't know which of the two bottles is cooked, or MW-ed.

  3. Great experiment, thank you very much, Pukerimu!
    That's how it is supposed to be. Great to hear there is no unknown magic in it :)